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8 Important SEO Marketing technique that should follow in 2019

In earlier days like 2004-06 website can easily get higher rank in Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Because at that time the Search Engine Algorithm was different and now-a-days algorithm are different.

Search engine optimization (SEO) has two techniques to improve website ranking position in Search Engine result Page (SERP) called ON Page SEO and OFF Page SEO. SEO is one of the ways used to improve traffic to a website by obtaining higher-rank placement in SERP such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.

Why Off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO will help the website to more visibility on the internet. It helps to get higher rank in the SERP.

8 Important SEO techniques you should follow in 2019

Influencer Marketing

If you have given more value in the content which is more sharable content, then don’t hesitate to reach out influencer in your industry. Ask them to read your article share it in him social media channels. It is the one of the way to more awareness on your brand.    

Contribute as Guest Author

Many website have their having DA (Domain authority) and PA (Page Authority) of 40-50. Which is very good score for website. You can write a mail to that website and get published your article in that website. You can even go for the paid guest posting because this will also play crucial role in SEPR.

 Social Media Engagement

As you everyone knows most of people are connected through social media channels such as Face book, Twitter, Instagram, Etc. For every channel they will have some groups where people are connected. If you want to make your website or blog popular. You should have engage or be posting on social media channel.

Social Bookmarking sites

Posting in social bookmarking sites will help to get traffic from bookmarking site. It is one of the best ways to promote your website.


 It is one of the best ways to get quality traffic to your website. Most of the people will be asking questions in quora. If you do answers that questions and giving redirection to your website then you will getting quality leads and quality traffic.

Article Submission

Search for the website which having high PR and DA to submit your article. Make sure that content should be unique and high value content. Low quality content and content that has more keywords arrangement will get down your website ranking.

Video Submission

Now-a-days videos are getting more engagement rate. They are many free tools to make small animated or slideshow video. Pick one tool, make video and publish in your social media or website. It helps to stay down in your website for few minutes. If engagement rate/user stays long in your website then your website gets higher rank in SERP.

Document Sharing

Create a PPT or any presentation that is related to your service or about your company and be sharing in PPT sharing sites. Make sure the content should not copy from any other sources.

Info graphic Sites

Info graphic are the best way to attract the people attention. Create beautiful info graphic with designer and publish in Image sharing websites. Create the design which is related to your service it is also the one of the best way to promote.

Conclusion If you do proper On-page and Off-page Optimization your website get higher rank in SERP. If you any questions related to this you can contact me anytime.

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