Basics of Google Analytics (1)

Basics of Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a tool which tracks the website user behaviour through a piece of java script code. This code should be placed in a homepage.

Why Google Analytics?

People usually purchase the goods in stages. In Digital Marketing there is purchase funnel. There are different stages within the funnel that describe customer interaction. A Basic purchase funnel includes the following steps:

1.    Acquisition

2.    Behaviour

3.    Conversion

Acquisition Involves building awareness and acquiring users interest.

Basics of Google Analytics

Behaviour is when users engage with your business.

Conversion is when users convert to your customer.

In offline world this measure is hard to process. But in digital world we can easily track through Google Analytics.

Different kinds of business can benefits through the Google Analytics.   

Ecommerce business can use digital analytics to understand their customer’s online purchasing behaviour and better market their product and services. 

How Google Analytics are organised?

Generally, for every business only Google Analytics account is required. When you create an account, you also automatically create property and within that property a view for the account. But each google analytics have multiple property and within property you can have multiple view. 

Basics of Google Analytics

This lets you organize your data collection in a way that best reflects your business. 

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