Internal linking in SEO

Benefits of Internal Linking

What is Internal Linking in SEO?

Internal linking is the processing of connecting relevant pages inside your website together is called Internal linking. The links that are pointed to related pages within your site. These internal links are very important to signal relevance’s of your content to google.

Why Internal Linking?

Benefits of Internal Linking in SEO

User Experiences

Users when they are in your site find it very easy relevant content when needed if you have good and proper internal linking in good place.

User Engagement

When you increase the user experiences obviously the user engagement will also increase that means people will stick on your website for longer period of time which leads to lower bounce rate and higher page visit duration. If the user interaction or if the bounce rate having very low, then chances of increasing your website rank in SERP (Search Engine Result Page). 

Site Architecture 

Having a proper internal linking will be putting forward very well defined website structure. which will help you for further SEO ranking.

internal linking in SEO

Distributes Link Juice

The Link will naturally spread through out your site if you place proper internal linking. Suppose Page A have more backlinks form other website.  If you create any new page suppose Page X. If you redirect a link from from page A to Page X., then link juice is shared to Page A to Page X. This leads to good SEO ranking in SERP.

internal linking in SEO

Effective Crawling 

Search Engine like google will be able to crawl your website effectively if you have good internal linking. And it can easily determine what your website is and what services yours are providing. 

Good way to internal is: suppose you have written a article and published in your blog page. Now you have to go to pervious blog post and give a link of new blog post.  This will helps to crawl the new page quickly and it will get index very quickly.

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