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7 Best places to visit in Hyderabad

Travelling these days have become so easy. Hence, your office desires you to travel every now and then inter-cities. Business trips are mostly for a short period. If you are planning to visit Hyderabad soon, here are the best travel destinations you can manage to cramp in your time. You have not really seen the city until you have ventured out into the neighbourhood.

This city is rich in its culture and heritage. As compared to the other metro cities, it is peaceful, gets the real foodie out of you, and gives you the chance to meet people from all cultures and backgrounds. Hyderabad is one among India’s most mindful ancient quarters. Exploring the lanes of this district, with its chai outlets and spice merchants, you will encounter a swarming urban masala of color and commerce. Hyderabad’s popularly known as the City of Pearls, the City of Nawabs, the Biryani City and, because of its high-tech draw, Cyberabad. Following are the must best visit places in Hyderabad you just can’t miss whether its business or pleasure…

Best places to visit in  Hyderabad

Location 1 – Paradise Biriyani & Bawarchi Biriyani

Starting with the foodie in you, these places located in the heart of the city serves the most succulent pieces of meat with an aromatic aura of the typical Hyderabadi Nawabi biriyani rice.

Paradise opened their services in the year 1953 attached to Paradise cinema. Now it is available across India with 32 outlets in six cities; 16 are in Hyderabad itself! Its original building has 3 storeys now in Secunderabad.The biriyani tastes mild with a smooth buttery taste retaining the Iranian spices for your taste buds. The unique fact about Bawarchi is the sign that says “no branches”. Mr. Jaffer Mansoori started this restaurant in 1994—the only place where biryani was made over firewood across the road. It claims to be the spiciest biryani around.

Good places to visit in Hyderabad

Location 2 – Charminar and shopping

Apart from its biriyani, the city is well known for this magnificent structure, which was built in the year 1591 by Quli Qutb Shah. People say that it is the result of a secret promise made by Md. Quli Qutb to honor Allah. From this place, you can also see the one more legendary monument of the Hyderabad city i.e. Mecca Masjid. The landmark is a main tourist attraction. By evening, the enigmatic monument is lit with vibrant colors. It is a heaven on earth for women who can shop beautiful pearls, garments, replicas of the Chamrinar, to glass bangles, and many more.

Historical Places in Hyderabad

Location 3 – Golconda Fort

Golkonda is originally known as Mankal. The Kakatiyas, for their western defenses, first built the fort. It was carried on by the Musunuri Kapaya Bhupathi to the Bahmani Sultanate as part of a treaty in 1364. While you are in there do not forget to miss the light show which commences around 6pm. The interior is well known for its acoustics. It is said that the sound of clapping of hands at Fateh Darwaza can be heard clearly at ‘Bala Hissar’, the highest point situated about 1 km away in Golconda Fort. Is it said that there is a secret underground tunnel that leads from the “Durbar Hall” and ends in one of the palaces at the foot of the hill. Try to find it on your visit if you can!

good places in Hyderabad

Location 4 – Tank bund and Necklace road

The Tank Bund – The Glory of Hyderabad is a statue of Gautam Buddha, that stands 18 meters long and weighs 350 tons. Sri Late N.T Ram Rao built the monument. It was believed; he got his inspiration from his visit to New York’s Statue of Liberty. The Buddha monument is the highest monolithic stone statue in the world. This monument is accessible by boat.

Necklace road is a canopy which is widely known for its sunset boulevards. It is named after the first and the famous Necklace Road in Mumbai’s Marine Drive. The dazzling diamonds can be seen only from above after dark from a helicopter or a plane about to safely land. It is a peaceful road to take a ride on its curving path. It has a nice view of the Hussain Sagar with parks and points from where you can gaze at the waterfront, sit on the chairs, or simply laze.

good places to see in hyderabad

Location 5 – Birla Mandir

Birla mandir is another good place to visit located near Hussainsagar Lake. This temple solely is dedicated to the worship of Lord Vishnu. The beauty of the temple will leave you awestruck. The architecture is raw and well maintained. The interiors are made up of 200 tons of pure white Rajasthani marble. It is built on a soaring 280 ft high hill called the Navodh Pahad. The temple took 10 years for its completion. This is a must visit to bring out your spirituality.

Best place in Hyderabad for shopping

This place is located in Madhapur. It is one of the best places to visit in Hyderabad to satisfy the shopaholic in you. It is a gated complex separating you from the usual street markets with no traffic or other distractions. It is like a Handicraft store at affordable prices. Paper Mache from Kashmir, bandhani work from Rajasthan, bamboo work from Manipur, Bidri metal work from Bidar Karnataka, Brassware from Moradabad in UP and for sure pearls from Hyderabad, are some of the kinds of materials found here. Hope you’ve got your bargaining game on as the prices are always kept higher.

Holiday places in Hyderabad

Last but not the least; this is an all-time favorite tourist spot for all age groups. It covers more than 1600 acres of land where high budget movie sets are created. It is the largest in the world and is located near two cities, Hyderabad and Secunderabad. The landscapes are covered with lakes, hills and valleys. It is amongst the most beautiful man-made marvel created by man.

Ramoji Film City Hyderabad Hours –The doors open promptly at 9:30 a.m. for tours and close at 3:30 p.m. daily. If you are interested in seeing some of the performances and dances, they are held twice per day, once in the morning at 10:30 a.m. and once in the afternoon at 4:30 p.m. If you want a weekend getaway then this is the perfect plan for you and your family.

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