Steps to do Digital Marketing for a Website

How to do Digital Marketing for a Website as a Expert

Everyone will do Digital Marketing for a website, but won’t get good result due to lack of guidance or doing it in a wrong way. Here are the steps which you should follow before starting.

Steps to do Digital Marketing for a Website as a Beginner

Competitor Analysis – Search at least 5 competitor websites

The First question you should ask your client is “who is your targeted audiences”. Secondly you should ask about competitors. You have to identity your competitors and you should know their strength “how big they are”.

There are many tools in the market like Alexa, Similarweb, spyfu etc. Otherwise best way to identify your competitor is Search your services in google then automatically your competitor will rank in the first page.

First See the social media channels of the competitor. See what they are posting daily.

Go through your competitor’s social media channels. Observe what they are posting and number of like, followers & shares for each post. So, that you will some idea what to post & how to design your post for your website.

Find out how many backlinks are there for each website.

Backlinks shows how big there are in the Google. There are many tools to check your competitor backlinks like smallseotool (you can find more in google). If you find the number so that you will have some rough idea how much backlinks you have to make to beat your competitor. You have to make quality backlinks not cheap backlinks.

Find out DA and PA of competitor website.

DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) also show How big and how many years there are staying in Google. There are many tools in the market like Moz. There you can get any website DA, PA and Domain age. This will also show how much you have to work hard for your website.

Find out top keywords used by competitor website.

The Keyword Analysis is the important role in the Digital Marketing. This plays a crucial role in your website ranking.  You can find your Competitor keywords (which he was doing) by placing your competitor website in the keyword planner or else go to source file of your competitor website and see which keywords he placed in Meta Keywords tags. Another way to find competitor keywords is placing the competitor URL in Alexa ranking website. There you will get top 5 keywords.

Find out Alexa rank & India rank

The ranks are to just find out how big there are in Google.

Analysis Part is over. After this you have to set up some tools to track and analysis for your website.

For your website.

Create Web master tool & Google Analytics.

Google Webmaster Tools is a actually valuable tool for SEO. It gives you at a glimpse data about all essential SEO aspects of your site, such as performances, search term, keywords, links, crawl errors, etc.

Create an Account in Google Analytics and keep a tracking code in your website. So, that you can track the user data. You can record data like New user, returning user, Bounce rate, Most visited pages, etc.

SEO On-Page (Title tag, Meta Description, Keyword Stuffing etc.)

In search engine optimization, on-page optimization indicates to factors that have an effect on your Web page listing in organic search results.

Make user attention in Home page or Services page by just keeping some video or Gif files.

The above point also plays a major role in getting higher rank of your website in SERP (Search Engine Result Page). If user spends time in your website means that crawler understood that user is getting necessary information in your page, so chances of your website pages get higher position.

Make a blog page.

The main intention of writing blogs or having blog page in your website is giving more information about your services. User will spend more time or they will get necessary information in your blog page for what they are searching in Google.

Blogs should be answer for the query what user are asking in Google.

Internal Linking through out the website.

Internal links will give good result for ranking in SERP. It maintains equal quality of authority in all web pages.

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