to my lovely sister

To My Sister

I am usually good at writing technical blogs, but this is new. I really don’t know where to begin from.

My sister – she is the other half of my heart. We grew up in different houses, but our bond grew strong regardless and my love for her deepened.

We fight and complain about each other, but at the end of the day, I am the one who compromises at all times. I often recall about our uncountable childhood memories; I guess she might not remember most of them.

When we sat together for a meal, I would always eat from her plate. When she got too tired, I use feed her with my hand. As soon as I returned from work, I would go to her house directly. Our families would go for movies together after which, we all would go to the Ice cream parlor. She liked to be at home mostly, but I would eventually convince her to get out.

I loved cooking for her. Nowadays, unlike our old times, she is mostly tired after coming back from work. I miss cooking and feeding her. She is not a fan of spicy food, but I remember how I would sneak in something spicy on her plate and watch her running for a glass of water with her tongue half out.

On days when I felt low, I would call her up. She would patiently listen to everything I had to say and then give me advice. At her age, she gave such mature responses. Mostly I would find her solutions stupid only, but at least I had someone to listen to me at any time. Now days she does not have time to call me.

Each time we visited the temple, I would tell my parents I would only go if she would come along. I still remember performing the Abishekam in Sri Sailam with her. Unfortunately at that time, I did not value my sister much. I know now how it feels.

I always feel that my sister holds a very special place in my heart. I am ready to do anything for her happiness. On getting any special news, my first instinct would be to share it with her.

I still remember the day I got my first job at client curve in Hyderabad, I called my father first and the next person I called was she. I felt so happy because I had her to share it with.

I gifted her many things. Usually I am not a gift kind of person. However, as I said, for her I would do anything. My first gift to her was a Parker pen on Raksha Bhandan. Being the messy person she is, she managed to lose it within a week. Then I gifted her a wooden frame, watch, dress (on my third job), earrings, sweater, blanket, and so many more. However, she complains asking what I have gifted her.

I love her cuteness, I love her caring nature, which I do not see that much these days), I love her demanding me about anything also something she does not do much nowadays. I miss my sister who is like a year older.

I loved fighting with her. The more we fought, the lesser our distance grew. She is my favorite in my whole family.

As the Indian ritual demands, every girl has to leave their house after marriage. Gowthami got married on 29th Dec 2018 at 4.04 am. I was the happiest person that day. She went to a great family who care for her. However, the pain I feel is for her to leave me. No more rushing home after work to meet her. No more fighting like kids. Sharing our deepest darkest secrets with each other. She was only one person who I shared everything.

Now, her priorities have changed. She is pre-occupied with her new beginning. I cannot change that as life goes on. I will keep experiencing many new things and have to move forward without looking back. I hope she is happy with what she has and god gives her everything in plenty. I will always be beside my sister, watching over her and protecting her like a brother should.

9 thoughts on “To My Sister

  1. I just remembered my Sister how lucky I have such a lovely and god gifted one. Most of the words you expressed closely related to me. Thanks for such beautiful post. This made my day.

  2. Your sister cares for you more than you expressed and sometimes the distance makes one realize more of other and gets the bond more stronger.
    The great thing is both of you understand each other. Act in a way is good to other. That’s big and can’t be undone.
    Great to see you express your feelings and both of you are lucky to have such sibling love😀😀

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